A message from the desk of chairperson

Rainbow was a dream, a dream of the Malhotra Family, a dream started by the legendary Obsterician Dr. Prabha Malhotra, a dream devoted to the Late Mrs. Dropdi & Late. Dr. S. N. Malhotra and it gives the family intense satisfaction that this dream became a Reality.

The Hospital provides the best of services in All fields of Medicine be it IVF, Neuroscience, Urology, Obstetries & gynaecology, Orthopedics, Joint Replacement, ENT, Dental, Cosmetic Surgery Critical care, ICU, NICU, PICU, HDU and all other facilites.

We at Rainbow have pledged to Devote ourselves to Transparent patient care of the highest standard with love, Compassion and honesty Hope, Heal, Health, Happiness.

Dr. RM Malhotra

Dr. RM Malhotra Speaks

“Believe in tomorrow will be better than today” Swami Kriyananda has written in his book “Hope of better world” – suggests that a shining future indeed awaits mankind.

There is a big question what does one need to go ahead in life – Brain, Education & Energy. Today the definition of Happiness, Joy & Satisfaction has changed. Money is nothing more than a tool it can be Force for Good, a Force for Evil or simply be idle.

The answer come these things help but there is something, I consider more important “Knowing the Moment” – what to say, how to act or not to act, if you master the art of knowing the movement, lot of your problems are solved and door of better future and better world is right in front of you.

Good timing sometimes means doing the unexpected. I thought timing was a gift, more things you were born with like an ear for music. But gradually observing people who seemed blessed with the GIFT. I realized it was a skill that could be acquired by anyone who cared to make an efforts.

To master the act of good timings, the following five requirements are in your mind:-

1. Keep yourself constantly aware of how decisive timings can be in human affairs. How true was Shakespeare’s Insight was when he wrote, “There is a tide in the affairs of men which taken to the flood, leads on is fortune”. Once you have grasped the full importance of “Knowing the Moment” you have taking the first step towards acquiring a capacity for it.

2. Next make the pact with yourself never to act or speak when driven by the whirlwinds of ANGER, FEAR, HURT, JEALOUSLY or RESENTMENT. These emotional spanners can wreck the most carefully developed timing mechanism very correctly Aristotle “Anybody can be angry” that is easy but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose, and in right way that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.

3. Sharpen your power of anticipation. The future is not a closed book. Much what is going to happen is determined by what is happening now: yet relatively few people make conscious efforts to project themselves beyond the present, gauge future probabilities and act accordingly. The act of good timing includes knowing the moment when present action will eliminate future trouble or gain future advantages.

4. Learn patience you have to believe with Emerson that “If Single Man Plant Himself Indomitably His Instincts and Abide, The huge World Will Come around Him”. There is no easy formula for acquiring patience: it is a subtle blend of Wisdom and Self-control is must but one must learn that premature action can spoil everything.

5. The final and most difficult step is learning to get outside yourself. Each moment is shared by every living creation each person sees it from a different point of view’s Really knowing the moment, then includes knowing how it looks to people.

As the old testament says “To everything there is season and time to every purpose under the heaven” and important the role is played by faith our daily exercise for bail ding self-confidence once is called Imaging or Visualization. In order to achieve & improve self–confidence is to make certain. You have lots of love in your life to go to whatever lengths are necessary to construct work of sustaining and nurturing relationship. Action is essence of life, In THE GEETA whatever path we follow Knowledge & love to fulfill your duty.

Our life today has to follow some principles according to changed Atmosphere and Environment around us, we have to understand what is important is the result and nothing else in life. So face the world today few things have to be understood. Competence is essential to face competition, one has to use wisdom otherwise we will not only destroying ourselves and everybody around us also. It is easy to digest failure in life but to digest perpetual success in life is very difficult. The development of personal competence requires professional perfection and ability to change life in changing environment, so we should have the courage to hear the word No and have to courage to say No.

First of all Deserve than you Accept and then Enjoy, the principle is simple but to follow needs Self-Control and Understanding. The important aim of life is happiness so we are searching the happiness in worldly objects and fall a pray to collect them. The whole life without reaching the destination and goal of life. happiness which means freedom from dependence on worldly objects. We have not understood real definition of happiness. This what we call is happiness is not happiness but pleasure, Real happiness is felt by our ATMA & never perishable & will remain constant in our ATMA. The worldy happiness is pleasure temporary & is felt by our physical body & emotional body there we are mistaken pleasure as happiness. Happiness is not objective perception, if is subjective experience until and unless we win over body feelings &  Emotional feeling & use our mind in right direction than we can put the first step towards Spiritual life & happiness is the experience of the soil & tells us that now you are on right path . My subject is Bright future awaits us is based on this learn to see in side & learn the right meaning of happiness- The future is definitely going to be bright. God has given us the mind which we are using in of scientific researches to provide more luxurious life & body comfort where as we should use if in controlling our inspirations because inspiration coupled with wisdom and capability can leads us to creativity & the real through power.

Let me give you the birds eye view of modern world. At present there is a world crisis we can understand the future of our civilization and the conflict of scientist and Government is looking for cooperation.

Can we tell this time is a dangerous time or wonderful time with invention of machines we have gained COMFORT, LUXURY but made many people surplous.

Today the life has to be lived with disappearance of FAITH & RELIGION, BOREDOM are important words today, thus life’s important words today.

  2. RIOJ

We are moving of but the direction is not known- New Generation is not going to summit to any dogma & have no real goal. Requirement is courage and right full thinking. Can Theosophical Society fulfill it? Can we kill egoism which has poisoned all human relations.

I don’t know the path but feel one who is fully equipped with modern knowledge he should be able to fuse to gather ancient wisdom and modern living style.

  1. Do you knows where you are already your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your through take you.
  2. Act as if what you do make a difference…it do.
  3. Any fool can counts seeds in an apple but only God can count the apples in a seed
  4. Each morning you have two choices
  • You can choose to be in good mood.
  • You can choose to be in bad mood.

Life in all about choices when you cut away avail all the junk.

Every day you have the choice to either Enjoy your life or HATE it.

The only thing that is truly yours that no one can take from you is your ATTITUDE.

In conclusion I will like to say few things:

  • Live in the present and dream the future.
  • To Transform others, First transform yourself
  • Live love laugh
  • Leave a legacy

Love that all you see may aspire to emulate your living serve that those who see your service in their turn may serve. Be strong that all who see your strength may change defeat for victory.

Do all the good you can

In all the way you can

In all the places you can

At all the time you can

To all the people you can

As long as ever you can.

Let me tell you:-

Life is not so small as to put into compartments of GOOD or BAD, RIGHT & WRONG, EUIL or NOBAL. Life is vast, life is full of contradictions, one has to gracefully accept them and of the same time change whatever is possible. We have to learn to accept what cannot be changed. HOPE BETTER LIFE AWAITS US.

  1. Life is an opportunity cash it
  2. Life is adventure get into it
  3. Life is a tragedy grow into it
  4. Life is a stragle make it win
  5. Life is a song sing it
  6. Life is a challenge encounter it
  7. Life is a dream realize it
  8. Life is  beauty feel it
  9. Life is bliss experience it

The life has a big question, why we are afraid of death. One who has not lived life totally in the present feels one has. Missed living perfectly. Let us drop the definition of perfect life and see elegance in the world here & now. See the beauty of imperfection here & now. Then you will be busy rejoicing here & now. 

Every time we leave, we siagh, don’t know we will see again this cavld be our last meeting.