Rainbow IVF if one of the top rated IVF centeres in India. The center has provided services to patients from all over the world be it USA, Australia, European countries, China and even most of our neighbourhood countries. With a world renowned team Rainbow IVF, we take pride in offering our best and ensuring that our patients have nothing but smiles on their faces.

Rainbow IVF

Starting as an IUI (Intra Uterine Injection) clinic in 1997 Malhotra test tube baby center has grown by leaps and bound to be one of the premier organizations for Assisted Reproduction in India. Now in a new premise with a fully equipped State of Art Laboratory, Rainbow IVF has quickly made a mark for its own in India as well as abroad.

Dr. Jaideep Malhotra and Dr. Narendra Malhotra have dedicated their lives to infertile patients and have published over hundred books on medical science. With more than 20 years of experience, under their guidance Rainbow IVF offers unmatched patient care with prime focus on privacy, confidentiality and need for counseling. We believe that every patient is different and hence provide tailor-made protocols for each case. We have adopted a holistic approach and treat our patients with not only clinical methods but also with therapeutic approaches such as yoga, nutrition and counselling.

We provide everything under one roof. Apart from this dedicated team, the Agra center is situated in a 110 bed super-specialty hospital with an unmatched critical care unit and a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Apart from the flagship infertility centers in Agra (the city of Taj) and Delhi, Rainbow IVF also provides technical collaboration and clinical expertise to 14 infertility clinics across India and 2 international infertility clinics abroad.


  • First IVF baby of Uttar Pradesh, India
  • First ICSI baby of Uttar Pradesh, India
  • First IVF twins of Uttar Pradesh, India
  • First ICSI twins of Uttar Pradesh, India
  • First TESA baby of Uttar Pradesh, India
  • First 500 ART babies of Uttar Pradesh, India
  • First IVF baby of Nepal
  • First ICSI baby of Nepal
  • First ART baby of Nepal
  • First 300 babies of Nepal
  • 2500+ ART babies at Agra Center
  • 2500+ IUI at Agra Center
  • 2500 ART babies at partner centers
  • First Egg freezing pregnancy in North India

 And 1000s of happy parents

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